Why I’m Excited About an Apple Watch with LTE

The Apple rumor train has been picking up speed as we get closer to the fall, and we’ve started to hear some interesting things about the Apple Watch. Specifically, there seems to be a strong indication that the next version of the Watch will have an LTE cell radio. You might be wondering why Apple would want to put a cell radio in a watch, but I think it’s an exciting possibility. Let’s take a look at what this feature means and how Apple could use it to make the next version of the Watch better.

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The Amazon Tap Is My New Favorite Echo

I first got my feet wet with the Amazon Echo line of products with an Echo Dot in December of last year, and since then it’s become one of my most often used gadgets when I’m at home. Between using it to control my lights, checking the weather, and asking Alexa to play music, I find myself regularly using the Echo Dot. No, it doesn’t do anything that I can’t do with an app on my phone, but when I’m doing things around the house, the convenience of voice commands is great.

But, of course, the catch is that the Echo is only useful if it’s nearby and listening.

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Eero Grows Its Network With New Products

Eero just announced a few new products in its lineup that should be interesting if you’re considering upgrading your home WiFi network. With an improved version of their router as well as a new smaller product designed to act as a wireless access point, Eero is expanding their capabilities and potentially making their products more affordable for consumers. Let’s take a closer look at the new stuff.

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Sometimes Tech Just Needs To Be Good Enough

As a tech blogger, I spend a lot of time researching and trying products. From security cameras to password managers, I’m constantly trying to figure out which product or service is the absolute best choice. I do this with other parts of my life, too. I’m currently buying a house, and I found myself doing an exhausting amount of research into mortgages, insurance, and all of the other details that go into purchasing real estate. I can’t help but try to be the most informed consumer possible when I buy things.

But–and this is a hard truth for someone like me–I don’t think everyone operates this way. For a lot of people, choosing a new smartphone or TV isn’t a matter of finding the best one, it’s a matter of finding one that is good enough. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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I Bought A New Router And You Probably Should Too

A few years ago I moved into a new apartment and needed a router. Like most people, I didn’t do much research and instead went to a local electronics store and picked a random model off the shelf that was in my price range. It served me well for years but eventually started to show signs of age, requiring more frequent restarts and providing a poorer WiFi signal that started to become frustrating. Because Netflix and Reddit are important to me, I decided to take the plunge and buy a newer model, a TP-Link Archer C7. Now that I have it, I wish I had done this long ago.

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Why Are Software Updates So Annoying?

A few nights ago, I opened my front door and pulled out my phone to turn on my Philips Hue lights. As usual, I swiped open the iOS Control Center and tried to use the HomeKit shortcut buttons to turn the lights on, but they were grayed out with a message that the lights were unavailable. Thinking this was a glitch, I opened the Hue app….and was greeted with a message telling me the lights needed to install a software update and that I would be unable to control the lights during this time. There was only one option, a friendly orange Update button.

Of course, my reaction was, “No, Hue, I don’t want to update right now. I want to turn my lights on, because it’s completely dark in here.” So I force-quit the app and opened it again, hoping to have a chance to turn the lights on before initiating the update. No dice–actually, as soon as I opened the app, it immediately started the update process. Wonderful.

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You Can Buy A $350 Jacket To Control Your Smartphone

Google and Levi’s are partnering to bring you what you always wanted–a $350 denim jacket that can control your smartphone. The jacket, which appears to be branded as the Levi’s Commuter jacket with Jacquard, was originally announced at the Google I/O conference almost two years ago, but it looks like it’s nearly ready–it’s being shown off at SXSW this week in Austin.

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Why Are AirPods Still So Hard To Find?

If you’re interested in picking up a pair of AirPods, you might be surprised to discover that your local store doesn’t have any in stock. Even Apple’s own online store currently has a shipping estimate of 4 weeks for the wireless earbuds. This is the type of delay you expect for a few weeks after a new product is released, but the AirPods were released 247 days ago and they’re still not readily available. What’s the deal?

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Status Audio CB-1 Video Overview

We’ve decided to jump into making videos, and to get started we decided to take a look at the Status Audio CB-1 headphones. At a retail price of only $79, these headphones are a lot cheaper than most studio monitor headphones, but how do they measure up? You’ll have to watch the video to get all of the details, but the short answer is that we think they’re a great value for the money.

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Apple Watch: Long-Term Review

I’ve had an original Apple Watch since it came out in April 2015. Surprisingly, I still get comments and questions about it, and I’ve decided to write down some of the thoughts I’ve shared with various people over the year and a half I’ve owned the watch. Most reviews of tech products are based on a surprisingly limited amount of usage, because everyone wants to see a review as soon as the newest products come out.

However, a lot of gadgets make an especially good (or bad) first impression that doesn’t end up holding true over months or years of use. I’m going to review the Apple Watch from the perspective of having owned one for quite a while, and point out a few places where I think there is potential for growth and change in the wearable market.

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