iPhone Photography 101: Live Photos

Go to any public place and you’ll see tons of people taking pictures with their phones. From selfies to dog pictures to artistic landscape shots, the smartphone revolution has given everyone the tools they need to be a photographer.

As someone who’s taken a lot of pictures, both with my iPhone and my DSLR, I’ve picked up a bit of knowledge about photography. This post is the first in an ongoing series where I’ll share some ideas to help you improve your iPhone photography skills. A lot of what I’ll talk about is specific to the iPhone, because that’s what I have and what I’m familiar with. But if you’re an Android user you’ll probably be able to pick up some useful tips as well that you can apply to the features on the Android camera.

Today’s topic is going to be Live Photos, which I think is one of the most under-appreciated features on the iPhone camera.

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The Google Home Mini: Putting The Google Assistant In Reach

Google announced a product last week that a lot of us have been waiting for. It’s called the Google Home Mini, and it’s a miniaturized version of the Google Home smart speaker. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and costs only $50. This might be the product that really brings Google into the (smart) home.

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4 Reasons I Like My Smart Lights

If you follow our blog, you’ve probably heard me talk about smart lights. Philips Hue is the most well-known name, but several manufacturers have created light bulbs that connect to your home network and allow you to control them with an app or a voice assistant. They’re futuristic and cool.

But among people I talk to, by far the most common sentiment about smart lights is that they may be fun but they’re way too expensive just to keep you from having to flip a light switch. It’s a reasonable criticism, but you might be surprised by some of the other things you can do with smart lights.

Before you dismiss the idea of buying smart lights, let me share a few reasons I think they’re worth having.

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Echoes of the Future: Amazon’s New Lineup

If you’re a fan of the Amazon Echo, last week was Christmas in September. With almost no notice, Amazon held an event to announce a dizzying amount of new Alexa-powered hardware. I’ve taken a look at all of the new stuff and written down some thoughts here, along with my recommendations on which of these devices to pay particularly close attention to.

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Should You Buy An iPhone 8?

It’s easy to forget that Apple released a new phone other than the iPhone X at their event a few weeks ago. The iPhone 8 was the latest and greatest iPhone–for about three minutes, until Apple introduced the iPhone X.

But the iPhone 8 did show up in the news recently. It released last Friday and we’ve started to see reviews pop up online. It looks like a good phone, but is it really worth getting the phone hiding in the X’s shadow? If you’re a consumer buying a new iPhone this fall, you have a straightforward question with a complicated answer: Should you buy an iPhone 8, or hold out for the X?

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