Smart Homes: Why We Aren’t In The Future Yet

One of my friends recently took advantage of a Black Friday sale to take a big step into the world of “smart home” technology. With two Google Homes and three Chromecast Audios, he was able to put together a system that can play music in any or all rooms of his house simultaneously. He can also use the voice assistant features of the Google Home to hear a news report, check the weather, get directions to an address, or even play a trivia game.

It’s really cool, and being able to request a song and immediately hear it play from all directions makes you feel like you’re living in the future. But it’s not quite perfect. Occasionally the music won’t play from one of the Chromecast Audios, and the Google Home still has a fairly limited ability to tie into common apps. These things will improve with time, however, the gaps in an otherwise awesome piece of technology caused me to start thinking about the state of the overall smart home market, and I’ve decided that there is some serious room for improvement.

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