Sometimes I Hate My Smartphone

You might have heard recently about Nokia releasing a new version of an old phone–the iconic Nokia 3310. The original 3310 earned a reputation for being a reliable, no-frills phone that was basically indestructible. If you were around when they were in use, you probably either had one yourself or knew someone with one. It’s right up there with the Motorola StarTAC and Razr flip phones in terms of being a quintessential example of an early-2000s cell phone.

Of course, we’re not in the early 2000s anymore, which raises the obvious question of why Nokia (or more accurately, HMD, which currently owns the Nokia brand name) would release a phone in 2017 that is closer to a “dumb phone” than a smartphone. I think the answer is twofold: people like nostalgia, and they like the idea of owning a phone that doesn’t demand their constant attention.

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